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Company Background

For centuries independent funeral directors have been a respected, dedicated, and much-valued part of every local community. Prior to the internet and the growth of 'communities' to far beyond old local lines, most small businesses – funeral directors in particular – faced little in the way of direct or aggressive competition.

Whilst there remains a tradition amongst some families to stay loyal to a particular firm of funeral directors… today's economic pressures combined with the ease of the internet when 'shopping around' and domination of the industry by large corporations, means the modern funeral market is much more transient, price-led, and difficult to attract.

By using the NFFDs innovative 'back-office' suite of business tools and products, forward-thinking independent funeral directors can continue to serve their existing loyal customers, but at the same time secure significant new business and help safeguard the industry by adapting to the habits and demands of the modern consumer.

By joining the NFFD, established funeral directors receive unlimited practical support and guidance in adapting their practices to suit this fast-changing landscape, plus access to the NFFD's full suite of unique, innovative and sensitively conceived business and marketing tools which until now have only ever been available to the corporate giants.

Also, bad debt is a common problem throughout the independent funeral industry – as it is throughout society in general. Through use of our 0% finance facility, the NFFD offers all its members immediate payment for funerals… including those paid through the social fund!