National Federation of Funeral Directors

Fair Price Funerals

Introducing the Fair Price Charter

The National Federation of Funeral Directors and its Members are leading the way in revolutionising the independent funeral industry. Though the notion of the traditional 'family director' still exists, current economic pressures, combined with universal internet access, mean the modern consumer is far more likely to shop around for best value when tasked with arranging a funeral.

Affordability combined with quality of service is the biggest strength that the independent funeral director has over his competitors from the corporate sector. Yet here at the NFFD, we are receiving more and more calls every week from people who don't qualify for Social Fund assistance, yet who simply cannot afford to pay the kinds of prices that many independent operators insist on charging.

With growing consumer awareness that some funeral directors' profit margins are disproportionate to costs, there is currently a fantastic opportunity for forward-thinking firms to secure significant new business by subscribing to the NFFD's Fair Price Charter.

Funeral directors wishing to be included on the Charter must be willing to carry out a standard cremation (hearse / 2 bearers / service / disbursements) for a fee that the NFFD confirms is fair and reasonable for the funeral director and customer alike. For more information on the Fair Price Charter fee please click here. In return, not only will we provide you with a web-link and enhanced advertising on both the NFFD website and our new Funeral Directors Registers ( stating that your pricing strategy aligns with the principles of the Fair Price Charter, but we will also signpost to you enquiries that come in from members of the public seeking more affordable services in your local area.

To request more information on the Fair Price Charter, or to apply for inclusion, please click here.