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0% Finance

As an NFFD Member, you are eligible to propose interest-free, or low-interest, payment terms to your customers (subject to status) for all funerals and funeral related products (including memorials and memorial headstones).

Not only does this mean the deceased receives the funeral they deserve, but the funeral director is guaranteed to receive full payment within 7 working days. [Read More]

Funeral Planning Website

Safe Hands Funeral Plans

All approved members are entitled to sell Safe Hands Funeral Plans. The Safe Hands Funeral Trust was set up in conjunction with a specialist, award-winning, firm of solicitors, and is overseen by an independent panel of qualified Trustees. Details and credentials available on request.

As an NFFD member, you are entitled to draw down an immediate deposit of anything up to £500 for every single plan you sell (single or double).

Funeral Management Software

Funeral Management System

Organising multiple funerals can be complex and challenging. Until now, funeral management software has been extremely expensive, unfit for purpose, and difficult to use.

Totally free, 100% secure, and incredibly simple to use, the NFFD's 'Funeral Dashboard' management system is designed specifically to help NFFD funeral director Members plan and coordinate every aspect of the funerals they arrange. For a free demo contact us.

Funeral Supplies Website

10% Discount on Funeralstore

The NFFD is the official partner of Funeral Store - the UK's cheapest supplier of top-quality funeral industry and mortuary equipmentExternal Website. NFFD Members are entitled to a 10% discount on all Funeralstore products and supplies.

NFFD Members Note! You are entitled to purchase body bag supplies for £1.99 each (minimum order 10 bags) not for resale - NOT A MEMBER? Click here for more information - Available from March 2014.

Candle Memorials Website

Candle Memorials

Advertising or promoting a funeral business comes with its own unique challenges. A funeral tends to be the only time when directors gain any significant exposure – yet it would be in extremely bad taste for them to use such an event as a marketing opportunity. In response to this, the NFFD has created "Candle MemorialsExternal Website" – an ingenious social media application that enables mourners to collectively commemorate a loved-one online via the funeral director's website, whilst at the same time providing the funeral director with a tactful, ethical, widely-viewed and recurring source of free promotion.

Funeral  Directors Register Website

The Funeral Directors Register

The Funeral Directors RegisterExternal Website is an online directory created by the NFFD, containing contact details of every funeral director in the UK. Receiving thousands of hits per month from members of the public actively seeking funeral directors and subsidiary services in their local areas, NFFD members featured on the site benefit from a highly visible advert plus a free 'reciprocal link', granting consumers immediate access from the Register to members individual websites, thus increasing their internet prominence.

Order of Service

Unlimited Free Service Stationery

All NFFD Members are entitled to download free service stationery products from via www.servicestationery.comExternal Website. Through it you can download template sheets, order of service cards, mourning cards, attendance cards and memorial cards. All can be tailored to suit individual requirements and printed in-house or sent to a professional printer for that extra special touch.

Interest Free Memorials

Interest Free Memorials

Memorial headstones are very expensive, yet it is rare for stonemasons to offer their clients credit or extended payment terms. The NFFD's Website website is currently #1 on Google's organic search listing results for "cheap memorials" - "cheap headstones" - "headstones on finance" and other similar phrases. Through it, members of the public can purchase a memorial and can (subject to status) spread the cost over 12, 24 or 36 months.

Carriage Hire

Carriage Hire

The NFFD operates a carriage hireExternal Website website through which funeral directors, other companies or even the general public can offer for hire their hearses, limousines, horses and carriages or any other related products and services to others who may have a specialist requirement or simply be short of vehicles for a particular funeral. This service is completely free to all NFFD members.